50 + Achievements which you should list on your resume

Resume is a formally compiled written document of your education, work experience, skills and achievements with brief information about you. Your resume should be your formal presentation. It should highlight your achievements in such a manner that you outshine other candidates even before the interview.

Listing achievements in proper sections can help the employer to understand your talents in a better manner. In this article, we will help you with listing your achievements on resume.

Before moving on what to do lets first discuss what not to do.

·             Last drawn salary: One mistake that most of the people do is mentioning their salary on resume. It is a big no. You should never do this.

·             Reason for leaving each job: Never mention the reason of resigning from your previous jobs on your resume.

·             Religious or political activities: Never mention the religious or political activities you are engaged in. These are sensitive issues avoid mentioning it on resume. However, it also does not make any impact in terms of profession.

·             Average scores: there is no point in trying to impress hiring manager with something, which is not impressive enough. If u were a mediocre student, with average rank do not highlight it. For example, if your GPA is below 3.0 do not try to bring it into notice of hiring manger.

·             Hobbies or interest: Hobby or personal interest can skip, as it does not help in creating any impact. However, you will find below the ways in which you can mention it on your resume.

Your resume should be about your achievements, which stands you out from other candidates. Create different sections for each achievement.

Here are few examples you can copy or customise as your situation.   






Let us now discuss this section in brief.


1.              PROFESSIONAL ACHIEVEMENTS: it might get tricky while mentioning your professional achievements as most of the life span has spent on education. If you too think, you do not have any such achievements to be proud of, think again. Here are important achievements to mention on resume.


            INCREASE IN SALE: Simply writing you increased sale in your company is a big no. Avoid it. Instead, write with data or provide numbers to it.

       Example – 99% of product knowledge resulted in exceeding the sale for 20% averagely per month.

            CUSTOMER SERVICE: Example- Solved customer’s problems with 90% of complaints within 24 hours.


            BUILDING RELATION WITH CUSTOMER: Example- Provide excellent service and building healthy relation with customers resulted in getting 10% new customer every month on an average basis.


            INTRODUCED NEW PROCESS IN WORKING INFRASTRUCTURE:  Example- Saved time by introducing new process for business, which increased workflow by 15% in a year.


            EFFICIENT IN WORK UNDER LIMITED BUDGET: Example- Successfully completed five projects within budget.


            TIME MANAGEMENT: Example- Successfully managed to save an average of 15% revenue, by staying in deadline for every project.


            AWARDS: Always mention the awards you received for your work within organisation or outside of your organisation. Your award is a very precious achievement, which stands you out from other candidates.


            PROMOTIONS: You promoted in an organisation, states how efficient you are for your work. So, mention it by justifying your promotion.

       Example - Promoted as a store manager for exceeding KPI by 60% in less than 10 months.

            LEADING CERTAIN PROJECTS: Mention project names which you lead in resume, it also add an achievement in your work profile.


            TRAINING AND MENTORING: Successfully trained and mentored 25 employees which helps to save company 10% of its revenue used for training purpose.


            SPECIAL RECOGNISATION: Mentioning special recognition will always be an added advantage.

       Example -           Recognised as employee of the month for consecutive 3 months.

                                  Specially recognised for work during opening and set up of a new branch.

            ATTENDANCE BONUS: This is an added achievement that shows how disciplined you are with your work.


            HONESTY: An honest employee is what an employer always seeks. Listing your honesty can make him value you more.

       Example - Awarded 5 times for being honest in work and customers

            NEGOTIATION SKILLS: Possessing good negotiation skills or being able to negotiate a deal is often a plus point in workplace for success.

       Example - Negotiated with office supplies vendor and saved rs.20000 to rs.30000 annually.

            COLLABORATIVE SKILL: This is a very important skill, as the interviewer wants to know how well you can play in team.

Example - Collaborated well with different project teams and successfully headed the brand across three national markets. Collaborated with XYZ rand and opened eight new showrooms across India.

            MANAGEMENT SKILL:  Example - Boosted team to achieve the target by 135%.

       Successfully manage the team of 200 members in eight locations.

            COMMERCIAL AWARENESS: Understanding how industries and businesses work. Be aware of latest trend, Competitor’s work, data and figure.

       Example - Introduced web portal for ABCD Company, led to get more customers and increase in sale by 25%.

            MARKETING: Marketing is a skill, which consist many skills. Listing these skills can add another feather in your cap.

  Example - Expert in SEO (search engine optimisation).

Organically grew 84% traffic in 8 months.

Optimised sign up ratio by 50%.

Grew fan base on “Instagram” from 400 to 140000 in 3 months.


2.                COMPUTER SKILL: Every job nowadays, requires the use of computer and software. Microsoft office skill, email, power point presentation, web skill are something which every candidate should know. Therefore, everybody will list it in his or her resume. However, you are here not be everybody. You are here for what the employer will say, “You have got what we need. You are hired.”  Therefore, for this you need to play smart with what you are listing in your resume. Here are few examples, which you can copy or tailors it according to your requirement.

       Expert in using MS Word is tracking and commenting tools to generate report with functional team members.

       User of excel formulas for adding conditional formatting to the spreadsheet.

       Use MS Outlook folders to save approx. 3-4 hours per week.

       Use Excel pivot tables to help team identifying the best suppliers.

       Trained 50 rural farmers in an agricultural campaign by PowerPoint presentation

However, here you are show casing all skills, which is required, but it is not sounding typically same like others.


3.                ACEDEMIC ACHIEVEMENTS: Below are the examples as what you can mention in your resume. Use it as it is or customise it as per your situation

        SCHOLARSHIP: Mention scholarships, which you won for your studies in competitions or any programmes introduced by your institution.

        WALL OF FAME: It is a dream for every student to be on wall of fame in school or college or other institution. However, it is not possible for every student. This is also one of the reason this is a very prestigious reward for you efforts. Do not forget to mention it on your resume.

        ACEDEMIC AWARDS: Student of the year, topper in science, most disciplined student of the year, these are few example of academic awards.  These awards are as important as your professional awards so do not skip them.

        ATHELETIC AWARDS: Mention your athletic awards, as it also shows how active and how fit you are.

        AWARD FOR EXCELLENCE IN VOLANTARY ACTIVITY: Raised a fund for flood affected people and was awarded for or won any special reward for participating in environmental campaign. Mention it in your resume as it will reflect hoe empathetic you are towards the society.

        LEADERSHIP POSITIONS AT YOUR SCHOOL: Not only will it increase volume in your resume it also reflects your leadership quality.

        GRADE POINT AVERAGE: Mention your GPA only if it is above 3.0

        SCHOLARSHIP OFFERED FROM ACEDEMIC CLUBS: Winning any scholarship offered by different institutions or academy also creates an impact on your hiring manager. After all, not everybody wins scholarship. Only the best student wins it.

        INTER SCHOOL COMPETITION’S WINNER: do not forget to list the competitions you won against other school or college.

        PERFECT ATTENDANCE: It reflects how sincere and disciplined you are.

        WINNER OF ACEDEMIC COMPETITION: Winners always make difference. Whether you won Man of the Match for series in cricket, best dancer or a science fair in your annuals, mention it on your resume.


 [TIPS]  Mention your awards with proper dates, purpose and accomplishment it holds. Mention the scope of awards whether it was local, regional, national or international.


4.                SOFT SKILLS: Soft skill, which you possess, is also an achievement. You can learn technical skill but you need to develop soft-core skill by regular practice it in your behaviour. List your soft skill in a summarized manner or just make points. Do not exaggerate it.

Active listener, Communication, Interpersonal skill, Creative thinking, Flexible, Determined, Motivated are example of soft skills which you can add in your resume.

Always remember, do not include every nothing from the above-mentioned achievements. List what is required and what is important to mention for the desired position. Customise it according to the requirement is a suggestion. In addition, mentioning everything will make your resume lengthy, which is not necessary.