How to answer tell me about yourself ?

“Tell me about yourself” is one of the basic questions that is asked in almost all the interviews. It seems like a very easy and basic question, but telling something about our own self in the context of a job interview can feel quite complicated. The main reason why the interviewer asks this in an interview is to mainly form the direction of the interview. Depending on what the answer will be it helps the interviewers to figure out the next question. This actually helps to start a chain affect of follow up questions and creates an easy flow of conversations

This introductory question helps to break the ice and also help recruiters and hiring managers to come to know about a person an what is his/her major goals in life. According to the answer, the recruiters can actually get an impression on whether the person is applicable for the job or not.

The answer to this question sets the tone for the interview. If the person answers the question well, then the recruiters will try to find out what are the best skills of the person and why he/she is the best candidate for the job. You need to be extremely clear and robust wit your answer. You need to communicate clearly and effectively, and also need to present yourself professionally.



There is a very simple formula on how to answer this type of question. All you need is to follow few basic steps and you can easily deal with this type of question in the interview.

·         Present: You can talk about your recent role, your recent accomplishments and the scope of the role. Probably you can focus more on a recent big accomplishment.

·             Past: Tell the recruiter how you achieved the accomplishment. Mention some previous experiences of you. Make sure that the experiences should be relevant to the job and the company that you are applying for.

·             Future: Then, talk about what you want to achieve in your life or what you want to achieve for the company. Tell the recruiters why you are interested to work with the company and why you will be a great fit for the company.

Well these are some of the basic steps that you can follow while answering the question, but you can also use your own knowledge and tactics to tweak your answer a bit and make it even more impressive. Let’s say you have a got a brilliant story about what lead you to this job to share and you can share it with the recruiters as an answer to this question. But make sure that whatever you tell or share, it should be relevant to the job or the company. You need to be completely sure that the recruiter should be left with a good impression about you.



·       Your answer should be tailored according to the job and the company. When the interviewer asks this question, he/she wants to be absolutely sure that you are interested for this job and they expect and answer which is relevant to the job or the company. And you should always properly figure out what do you want to say. Spend some time going through the job description, research about the company and then figure what to say so that the answer remains very clear on why you are interested to work for the company.

·       Always try to keep the answer as professional as it can be. While you share your opinion, which is relevant to the company as well as the job, you should also keep the answer as professional as you can. Refrain from sharing any personal details such as things about your family and hobbies unless and until you are asked to do so.

·       You should also inject some passion into your answer. You need to make your answer professional, but that does not mean that your answer cannot be passionate. If you have some story which can drive the passion factor, and which you feel is relevant for the job, you can obviously share it. The answer also helps to engage the interviewer to a great extent. Do not go into a whole lot of detail, but if you want to stand out amongst all the applicants, you can include some passion in your answer.

·       Always be succinct while answering the question. And never ever recite your resume again in front of the interviewer. You had already submitted your resume to the interviewer, and telling it all over again will bore your recruiter to the greatest extent. Find something innovative and catchy which is not mentioned in the resume and which will help to impress the recruiter. Also keep the answer to this question short and preferably for 30 seconds to 1 minute. While answering, take a view of the room and if you find that the recruiters look bored, it is high time you should wrap up the answer.

·       Also, before framing the final answer to the question, practice it as much as you can. Buy do not memorize it. As the saying goes, practice makes someone perfect. You can record what you are saying while practicing, wait for an hour and listen to the voicemail after that. This will help you to find the shortcomings and if there is any problem with the answer.

·       It is very important to know your audience and to whom you are speaking before telling this answer. You can get this question at every form of the interview, but that doesn’t mean you need to repeat the same answer every time. If you are speaking to a recruiter who is not immersed in the hard skills of the team, then keep your answer to the bigger picture. But if you are answering to your team boss, then you can explain your answer in a more technical format.



·       I am currently an account executive at Glaxo smith, where I handle the top performing clients. And before that, I worked with an agency where I was on three different major healthcare brands. And as much as I loved working there, I still want to dig deep into my profession and the healthcare company, and this is why, I am very much excited to work with Medica Healthcare.

·       I have already been in the marketing industry for the past eight years. And recently, I worked as a PM for a large IT company, overlooking their finance, managing large marketing campaigns and overseeing other project managers. And now, I wish to expand my experience with other industries and specifically the finance department, which is why I am overwhelmed at the opportunity of working with your company.

·       I had graduated with a Business degree in the year 2020. And after that, I worked with an MNC, working as their project head and overseeing a number of projects for a span of 5 years. Then, I worked with the finance department of another MNC, overlooking many of their project heads and projects. And now, I am here to expand my experience with your industry and I want to dig deep into my profession.



Finding and crafting a robust answer to this question is very much important. How the interview will proceed and how will everything take place mainly depends on what you answer. Your answer should be a mix of a little bit of your personal and maximum of your professional life, and you should craft it according to the relevance of the job and the company.