Internships are always worthy and play an important role in developing a professional character of you in a working world. Internship is the way to your future working area so just gives your best. It also gives you experience for the future that how you should work, communicate and it gives you an idea for how things work? Students always face this issue about internship and always their minds are full of questions that when there is the best time for applying and all? You will get all the answers through this.



Summer internships are usually from eight to twelve weeks, and it follows the college semester rule. It starts in May or June and continues till August

They are the most effective internship programmers and the most popular among the youngsters. Because students have more time in summer as college has been started a new and the workload is really less.

Summer is the time for many industries when they launch their products and gives impactful working opportunities.

Summer is also the time when workload in college is less as the new session starts and everything is new and exciting.

Well, internships on the basis of Indian seasons it is very difficult to differentiate winter internships. Both provide the opportunity and learning experience to the freshman and students who are interested. Well, one have to look when their firm are more productive. Some industries have more work during winter and that can be beneficial for you. Well, in winter relationships, handling both college and internship is a little difficult because in winters, the college's workload is more and often at its peak so it is difficult to handle both work as well as studies. Because of academic burden and limited time, interns are way less in winter season.

Some of the companies, which offer both internship programmes, are Google, Amazon, Brain and company, J P Morgan, Microsoft, and Deloitte.



Today in the world where competition has been rising and everybody wants the best for their company. It becomes more difficult when you are in competition with many applicants, so, it is important to be a unique personality. When you will be little different from others or the crowd only then you can get what you want. There are steps by which you can apply for the company:


1.     RESEARCH IS THE WAY: Do not believe on whatever you read or see. Be a little practical and do the complete research on the company where you want to work. By this, you will have an impressive knowledge of the company and you can also make the impression in the interview. This gives you the idea of what they are paying.


2.     RESUME IS THE WAY: Resume is the document, which is going to play an important role and put an impact on the interviewees. So just update it with the latest information of yours and you're all set to rock. You may consider making resume by our online resume maker in just 5 mins click here


3.     REQUEST INFORMATION: Well, if you think, that the company is good then go on the company's websites and if the form is available the websites. Fill it and attach your resume.


4.     If the internship form is not available, then call the Human resources department and ask them how you can apply for the internship and then you'll find the answer.


5.     You can also mail the regarding companies and also mention the skills of yours.


6.     Call the person who are hiring the interns. Talk confident and give all the information that they need. On unavailability you can also leave the message by speaking clearly and confidently.



ü   Always for applying internship, the best time is three to four months before the exact time.

ü   Because at last time, all the students are applying and therefore there is more competition then.

ü   October is also known as the best time for applying as it is considered as spring internship.

ü   If the company is not accepting the application then it will be the best if you directly ask them.

ü   Also, prior information about these will help you a lot.



If you want the company to look at you like a special one like yes, your resume is the deserving one then without a letter will be unworthy. Cover letter modifies your resume and it makes you more specific and focused. It also gives the employees, what you want from the company and for which position you are qualified. It highlights your accomplishments and fir for job opening. Sometimes a resume is unable to give what an employee wants so cover letter gives your employment history and help in hiring a job.



There are two types of internship:

Paid and Unpaid and as the name suggests Paid are the ones in which you get money and Unpaid are the ones in which you doesn't get money.Paid internship is always hard to get because everyone wants to get paid for what they do. But not always paid internships are the best one.A student of college who wants an internship often doesn't get it due to more competition.

But more likely Unpaid are more helpful because in this you get flexible hours. You can also work after college that is not available in paid internships. Networking with people and having an experience of what you're doing, if it is available then you can go for Unpaid too.

So if you're getting paid then that's really more than good but if you're not then don't say, "I'm not getting paid because you're getting experience."



The internship gives you eyesight of what you're going to do and you build an understanding. In future, more experience means more jobs. It makes you different like you have a different ability; you also open more doors and will also have an impactfull job. You also build a personality and confidence that helps you in achieving the best.