How to Dress for a Formal or Casual Interview


“Knowledge gives the wings to fly” and today many companies are offering many opportunities to upcoming talents. They appoint well-qualified and talented staff as the main target of the company is to secure the future of the company.

For any corporate to run smoothly and to establish its feet in the world, it is very important that it should have an inspiring and accomplished team so that the business can earn profits. An inspiring leader with the hard working staff is always the part of the profitable corporation.

In today world, everyone is interested for his self-improvement and self-growth. First impression is the last impression and if one wants to compete with this world and to enjoy the luxurious lifestyle then job is must and to get the job easily in today’s compete world is not a cup of tea. If you are going for job interview than it is necessary that you dress up confidently in a formal dress as our attires are the first thing, which will be noticed by the interviewers.

The candidates should dress professionally for a job interview so as to create the experienced atmosphere. Generally, the candidates are dressed up in a suit and tie as it leaves an everlasting impression on the interrogator. The different industries have different expectations and they have their own rules and regulations related to attires, working conditions. Therefore, it is better to do a research work of the company and to go through the rules of the company before going for an interview.

Here are some of the points covered which are listed below to assist the candidates or fresher’s who are going for a job interview for the first time in their life. Let us have a look at the points


Men’s Interview Outfit


Men’s Interview Outfit is pretty much same whether the person is applying for job or going for an interview. But at some point it holds difference and that difference is that the person who is appearing for an interview is not expected to wear high quality attires or in simple language we can say that they are not supposed to wear expensive clothes.

Men should always wear suit as they give an outstanding look in their attitude. They wear only that clothes which fit them well and free of stains.

ü Suit should be of navy, black, or dark grey color. Dress in a manner that it should give a proficient look.

ü Long sleeves white shirt or it should coordinate with the suit properly

ü A blazer or sports jacket is almost always casual for an interview.

ü Select the bottom-wear, with the logic to give rest to the body.

ü Leather belt

ü Well-tied knot of tie is extremely important since it is the first thing someone notices in a man’s outfit. One should avoid loud colors and flashy ties

ü Dark socks with leather shoes

ü Professional hairstyle

ü Neatly trimmed nails

ü Clean handkerchief in the pocket with a real pen adds an attitude in the willpower of men.

Should carry all the relevant documents and it should be properly organized.A man can adjust himself in his wardrobe to express his personal style and individuality, but this rule is not applicable to job interviews. Here the main goal is to clear the interview and to get the job.


Women’s Interview Outfit


A job interview is the prior step and it is the opportunity to impress the employer. Here, the employee proves themselves and leaves an everlasting impression on the interviewer.

Appreciate your beauty with the style this year and add prestigious appearance to your attire. Brand trendy look to your status and give a rich look through different styles .Creators perfectly design the attires and they craft a fashion statement for women. Stylists, help the women create their own unique code of wearisome.

Women should wear-No matter whatever the season it is in India, casual dress is always in demand.

ü Suit in navy, black or dark grey

ü Suit skirt just below or above the knee

ü Coordinated blouse

ü Conservative shoes

ü Limited Jewelry

ü Professional hairstyle

ü Light make-up will give a natural look and it brings a positive energy in atmosphere.

ü Clean and neatly manicured nails

ü Should carry required and well-organized documents

The first impression, which makes women a potential employer, is her confidence and more importantly, her will power adds a spark in her life, which guides her throughout in life.

India is a land of talented people and a young blood of today has attracted many of the leading companies from around the world. Advanced training and certification will enhance the demand of the candidate in the market and it provides satisfactorily result to the clients.