How to prepare for online video interview in 2020

Video job interviews are an increasingly common part of the hiring process. Most of the companies nowadays prefer to go for video interviews for their process of hiring. As far the current situation is concerned, video job interviews will obviously become a go to in the years to come while hiring any employee. These interviews can take a number of forms and you should familiarize yourself with all the variables and the process so that you can get completely prepared.

Taking a video interview especially for the first timers can always be a little awkward. So, while your video interview may feel different, you can be rest assured that you are answering all the same questions just like every other candidate. Also, with the help of a video interview you get the chance to explain a bit more of your unique skills and experiences.



Digital interviews help the employers to more specifically identify a candidate’s skill it also helps to identify the unique personality and aptitude of the employee. Digital interviews:

·       Make the hiring process very much fairer as all the candidates answer the same question

·       Gives the candidates the perfect chance to uniquely present themselves and also to amplify the skills and experiences mentioned on their resume.

·       Also helps to offer anyone the chance for the interview regardless the schedule and the device used

Digital interviews mainly act as a playing field between you and the other candidates. Your unique presentation of answers and ability to explain things will always help you to give an extra edge over the other candidates. There are some things that are mentioned below which you can obviously try to ace your video interview:

·       Understand the company’s culture – always remember that the half of your interviewing process determines if you are a good fit for the company. The other half determines if the company is good fit for you. Your recruiters mainly try to look out for candidates who have got an ambition an extreme interest to work for the company and whose vision and ambition for growth shares of that of the company. And for this you need to get familiar with the company’s culture. Take a look at their social media handle page search for employees who are currently working for the company and find out if you have any mutual connection with them. Also, you can search for employee reviews for the company you will be working with

·       Research who you will be working under- it is very much likely that once you pass the initial screening of interview you will be sitting in front of the person under whom you will be working. Learn about their role in the company, what type of work they are accustomed with their interest and hobbies. Build a digital connection but do not go too far. A connection on LinkedIn can be justified but make sure to take some time before requesting their friendship on any social media.

·       Know about the company’s product or services: It is very important to know about the company’s product or services. Before going for the interview, make sure to know about what are the products or services that the company solves for the consumer. And if you speak about this uniquely in a video interview, you will always get the upper edge. Then keep in mind about the company’s value proposition. You need to have a clear knowledge about the incentives the customers have to shop with this company.

·       Learning you company’s history: Always make sure to learn about the company’s history before going for a video interview. Knowing the past of the company will let you have a number of wonderful talking points. Knowing the past, and how the company has evolved from that actually will speak in itself a lot. Knowing the history will let you ask questions that can differentiate you from other employees. It will also give you a wonderful opportunity to provide solutions to the problems that the company had faced earlier.

·       Research and practice: While going for a video interview, you should always keep in mind that it will be a structured interview. You will be asked the same type of questions as the other candidates and your uniqueness in answering the questions will always give you the upper hand. Remember in these types of interviews, no questions will be asked about your gender, race, caste and any personal sort of thing. And the only way to ace the interview is by rehearsing and practicing every common question of it.

·       Pick up the right attire: Attire is very much important. How you dress up and what you wear speaks in itself a lot about your body language and attitude. Most of the companies have their own type of interview dress standards. But still if you are unsure about what to wear, then just pick up your formals. You can also go for business casuals.



Most of the video interviews that you will face will be live in nature. That means the person who will be recruiting will be on FaceTime, Skype or any other social media platform which supports meetings. You need to be dressed up in your best attire, don the best body language and answer each and every question uniquely to crack the interview. Make sure to properly set up the technology and your device so that there is no problem while giving the interview.

But there may be some instances where you have to give the interview to a pre recorded session. In such type of cases, the employer will give you instructions on how to join the interview. Instead of being connected to a person, you will be prompted to answer questions that are pre recorded or are in written format on the screen. You need to record your answers properly and the recruiter will review you answers later. But this type of pre recorded interviews are usually not followed.



Digital interview mainly relies on technology and connection. And there always high chances that something or the other can go wrong with the technology anytime. So, there are some backup plans which you can always follow if there is any problem:

·       If your video or audio stops working: Always ask the interviewer for their phone number before the start of the interview. If your video or audio stops working in the middle of the interview, then call the interviewer on the number. And ask them if you can continue the interview or reschedule it.

·       If noise interrupts the interview: If any type of noise interrupts the interview, immediately apologize for it and wait for until the noise has subsided. You can also mute yourself if the noise is severe.

·       If someone enters the room unexpectedly: This can happen in digital interviews. If this happens, immediately apologize to the interviewer, ask for a few moments, close your camera and microphone and deal with the interruption. Continue once you are sure that your room is secured.

And always conclude by thanking the interviewer for their time. Make sure to send a follow up thank you email later as that will help create a good impression about you.



·       Find a quiet, private, well lit place without any interruptions.

·       Ensure stable internet connection.

·       Make sure that the computer’s audio is working properly.

·       Test the computer’s webcam.

·       Close any unnecessary browser or applications.

·       Dress professionally.

·       Always have a pen, notepad and a copy of your resume with you.

·       When you are listening, nod and smile so that they feel that you feel engaged.

·       Use hand gestures when appropriate.

·       Put your phone on silent mode.



A video interview may sound easy to crack, but is one of the most challenging types of interviews. This is mainly because the same questions are asked to all the candidates and only your unique answer will help you get the job. Make sure to prepare yourself accordingly so that you can ace the interview without any problem.