How to write a Cover Letter for job in 2020

While you are submitting a resume you can also add a cover letter as your reference. The cover letter will mainly act as a tool that will help to introduce yourself in a memorable and personal way while you are applying for a job. The most challenging part however is writing a cover letter. A well written cover letter will always include information that is given in your resume in a much larger format and this will help the reader to get some more advanced information about you. This will also help them to know about your greatest achievements in a more detailed format. Always make sure to plan the content of your cover letter.


Your resume will be mainly used to lay out the facts of your life in a short and simple way but your cover letter will give you more personality always remember that the first introduction about you to the person who is recruiting you will be based on your cover letter and you should always make it as memorable as it can. Make sure to always write a unique cover letter for every job that you apply. The format of your cover letter should also be according to the company and job requirements. There is no official format on how to write a cover letter but always keep in mind to keep your cover letter organized and present the information properly. Successful cover letters basically include the following:

·       Memorable introduction

·       Specific organized examples for your relevant work

·       Concise  conclusion with the call to action




You obviously cannot include the whole of your career and life in your cover letter. So you should always maintain a list of carefully selected portions of your career that will give your recruiter a clear idea of who you are and how can you be valuable for the job. Below is the list of 3 things that you can include in a cover letter:



·       How a candidates work experience meets the job requirements of a company

·       How a candidates skill meets the job requirements of a company.

·       Why a candidate wants to work with the company.


The cover letter that you write should contain all the relevant information and convince the recruiter that you are the right person for the job. And for this you should write the cover letter according to the requirements of the job. You can include some of the things given below to make your cover letter more appealing to the recruiter


Problem solving skills

In your cover letter don’t just mention about your amazing problem solving skills. Instead explain the particular details of a problem that you are keen solving and how you exactly solved the problem. And if the company had any problem for which you can give a comprehensive solution, then that would work the best.


Pick an appropriate voice and tone

While writing a cover letter you should always pick the appropriate voice and tone for the company you are applying to. Researching about the company will help you to a great extent in determining the tone you want to use for the company


Tell your story

Writing about your career and how you use your skills in a detailed format is one of the key concepts of writing a good cover letter. Make sure that the stories that you write about your career matches the requirements of the job that you are applying to. You can also use a number of diagrams and charts to find out what competencies you actually want to highlight and what specific experiences about your career you want to share. This will give a massive boast to the content of the cover letter.


Honesty is the best policy

Always include skills in your cover letter that you truly possess and not that those of which are hypothetical. Stating a skill that you don’t have will actually come back to bite you once you are asked to display that particular skill in the interview or in the job.


End with a call to action

Ending with your letter with a call to action will actually make your cover letter more exciting. Always end your cover letter with a reason for them to contact you. Make sure that the call to action is polite and open minded so that it can suggest that you are excited to offer more information about you and that you are looking forward to speak to them .


Address the recruiter or hiring manager by name

It is fine to use, ‘Dear Sir / Madam’ while you are addressing the hiring manager or recruiter. Most people who apply for the job precisely use these words but if you want to create a strong impression the always try to find out the name of the person who will be interviewing you. It’s a time consuming job but it will leave your recruiter are impressed.





There will a number of cover letters that your recruiters and hiring managers will probably come across and read, so make sure to avoid the following mistakes:


Avoid overused phrases

Make sure to avoid any overused phrases in your cover letter it will make your cover letter look extremely average and general. Though the lines will not hurt your chances of getting the job but they won’t help you either. The hiring managers and recruiters go through a number of resumes and covers letters the whole day and they get tired of all the cliché lines used. Try something new and refreshing to create a new impression.



Don’t include irrelevant information

You should always write a cover letter to the point and never include any irrelevant information in it. The irrelevant information will confuse the recruiter and can cause them to miss important points in the cover letter.



There are some basic steps that you should always follow while writing a cover letter. The more time you take the longer you prolong the opportunity for any other person to get hired for the job. You should submit your cover letter as soon as you get to know these things:

·       Your resume, cover letter and other documents are free from errors

·       Your cover letter should contain a balanced mixture of your professional skills and personal skills.

·       Your cover letter should catch the interest of the recruiter from the very first line and should be able to maintain it through out

·       Your cover letter should contain all the information relevant to the requirements of the job and the company.

·       Once all these things are fulfilled and taken care of , you should submit your cover letter



·       What are the parts of a cover letter?

A cover letter should be comprised of a number of parts: contact information, salutation, body of cover letter, appropriate closing and signature. Always make sure to notice what to write in each section.

·       Do employers look at resume or cover letter first?

Your employers will always look at your resume first. Depending on what you write in it, your employers will decide whether to read your cover letter or not.

·       Can I apply without a cover letter?

You can obviously apply without a cover letter. A well written cover letter helps to give a positive impression about you on the mind of the recruiter. You can attach a cover letter with your resume, though it is not always necessary.



A properly written cover letter, covering all points will help in a number of ways. You can choose to add a cover letter to your resume, as well as not to attach it. There are a few options which we have already mentioned above for writing an impressive and good cover letter.