How to write career objective in a resume

When you are looking for a new job, it is very important to have a current well-written resume, which accurately reflects your qualifications. Employers who are looking to hire someone for a position usually seek candidates who know what they want. Resume objective or career objective is often the first thing and employers sees in your resume as first impression of ‘you’ as a candidate. It summarizes your career goals.  Not longer than one or two sentence, it should be place near the top of resume just under your name and contact information. Although some professional experts believe that, this outdated and no more in practice while writing resume. It is true career objective or resume objective is not always the best approach. There are also times it is best to write “professional summary” instead of career objective. Precisely, there is nothing wrong if you include career objective in your resume. However, there are situations when it is important to add career objective in your resume. Write your career objective statement in paragraph not more than two to three sentences. Nevertheless, the Problem remains the same: when shall we write career objective in resume?

Are you a fresher looking for a job?

Are you a fresher?

Are you looking to shift into a new industry?

Do you want to learn a specific job or any specific positions you are aiming for?

If answers are a yes to any of these questions then you be rest assured that a strong powerful career objective is very necessary for you. If the answer is no then you may write professional summary rather than a career objective.

A good career objective should always

·       Display your skills.

·       Highlight your Work experience.

·       Include your academic qualification or trainings.

·       Personalized resume for every job application.

Mistakes Most of the people generally do while doing career objective statement in resume:

·       State you want the job

·       About personal career goals

·       Use incomplete sentences

·       lengthy and unnecessary things edit on resume

(Tip) Before you write your career objective, write the rest of your resume first. Then pick the most important skills and qualifications you have. Then, list all in a paragraph of two to three sentences.

How to write resume objective statements:

Here we will help you systematically, which will help you in writing career objective statement:

First, let us divide it into three categories

1. High school student resume objective.

2. College student resume or fresher/ little experience objective

3. Professional resume objective.

1. High school student objective - As a high school student, you have either minimum or no professional experience. So what is the best approach to write in career objective if you want to land the job?

You will need to emphasize what you have. If you do not have, any experience you posses the same skills, traits that every next high school student has. However, very few know how to sell those attributes with confidence.

Things to remember while writing career objective statements:

1.1 Self-introduction, which highlight your strongest attributes.

1.2 Clear statement about which role you are applying for in your application.

1.3 Conclude your objective by emphasizing how your skills and experience make you ideal for the job role.

Here are few samples, which we can use in your resume.

Ø     Reliable respectful mature High School Senior seeking a challenging position as the customer service representative in a retail store.

Ø     Responsible and reliable High school senior captain seeking a cashier position where I can use my accounts and customer service skills to serve the customer.

Ø     Seeking employment as a host in a fine dining restaurant to use my problem solving and customer service skills to provide excellent hospitality to guests as a restaurant manager.

Ø     Motivated student who demonstrates strong work ethic and creativity skills, seeks to apply my graphic design skills and artistic drive as a summer intern in your company

However, this is a few examples you can simply copy them or tailor it as per your requirement.

2. College student resume or fresher / little experience objective

Freshers are generally unsure and indecisive about what they want. They are exploring and switching to see what suits best for them. As a fresh graduate, applying for an entry-level position, you do not need to worry about lack of experience. All you need to do is create a strong resume, which highlights your relevant skills.

Things to remember while writing a career objective statement in your resume.

2.1   Starts with start with traits you pose.

2.2   Add two or three skills.

2.3   What you wish to do for the company

2.4   You should always state the position you are applying for in your resume.

2.5   Keep it short.

2.6   Avoid using first person pronoun I, me, mine, my and myself.

Examples, which you can copy or customize as per the requirement.

Ø     seeking a Challenging career with a progressive organization that provide an opportunity to capitalize my technical skills and abilities in the field of Information Technology

Ø     Enthusiastic highly motivated economics student with proven leadership capabilities, who likes to take initiative and seek out new challenges.

Ø     Computer science graduate passionate about data and machine learning. Highly capable Leader, having led multiple senior class projects to completion. Proficient in a range of modern technology including Python Java etc.

Ø     Sound individual with deep knowledge of food processing seeking employee skills as a fresh graduate in Food Science and to impart knowledge in the field of food processing and packaging.

Ø     Looking to work as a fresh graduate in a modernized organization. Seeking to work as a secretary.

Ø     Ambitious self motivated graduate seeking for an entry level high school teaching position at "ZZZ'' school to utilize abilities of teaching that facilitate easy learning.

These are however, few examples, which show your skills, academic qualifications and what you are seeking.   As an entry level, resume objective, you are highlighting your skills and qualifications.

3. Professional resume objective:  As a professional, you are working somewhere and you hold experience. For you a clear career objective on resume it is vital. Whether you want to apply for a specific position or you want to try an altogether new industry, you should always write a strong career objective statement, which sums up your skills your qualifications and your work experiences. Tell the employer that you have consciously chose a particular career and is willing to exert extra effort.

Important factors to Remember

A clear career objective on your resume will distinguish you from other applicants, increasing the chance of bagging the job

·                Place adjectives at the beginning

·                Mention your professional skills and necessarily your achievements.

·                Adjust career goals with company's objective

·                Be precise and argumentative

·                Do not write general unfinished sentences.

Here are few Examples to write statement for professional career objective.

Ø      Passionate about sales associated with + 10 years of experience across multiple renowned brands. Expert in billing, able to process 40 guests per hour, enroll 2-3 loyalty cards per shift, and expert in increasing item for transaction at the cash through amiable situation.

Ø      Auditor with +3years of experience in communications, auditing and problem solving ,successfully implemented cost cutting measures that saved 18%anually.

Ø      Solid understandings of web based financial management processes.10 years of experience with SAP Financial Management and accounting to improve consolidating closing and budget process

Ø      Seeking a sales job at the offers a vibrant work place where I can use my solid sales experience of 8 years customer relationship strength to achieve challenging sales goals.

Ø      Seeking an opportunity with a forward thinking company that needs a productive energetic manager to make a difference in the industry

Ø      Resourceful and dynamic web developer seeking for a position to utilize 3 years experience and create beautiful responsive and user friendly websites

People often assume they can use one resume objective for all the jobs applications but the truth is hiring manager can always tell whether you are specific or to general with your objective statement. Therefore, you should tailor your career objective for every application

Conclusion - Remember, first impression is the last impression so present your resume in such a way stays in recruiters mind. Make sure your objective is unique it does not have any grammar or spelling mistakes. Never embellish or exaggerate your achievements while writing career objective think well before writing career objective statement.