How to write an effective resume for Internship


A resume is a document that provides an employer with a detailed declaration of a job candidate’s prior work practice, education, and activities. Resume is a “self-advertisement” that sums up the experience of an individual in a one page. The resume is an important piece of job application. It assists the manager to hire the employee by overviewing the qualifications of him in resume.


An effective resume opens the doors of opportunity for the applicants and it fixes the position of an employee. Employers use the candidate’s resume to weed out unqualified candidates for advertised positions. The main purpose of a resume is to provide a summary of candidate’s skills, abilities and accomplishments. It will help him to earn a good name in society.


Sometimes it becomes difficult to write a resume for Internship for college students. They do not know from where to start and how to start. They do not know how to display their experiences, the skills and activities to employers. This is the basic information, which companies are looking for in entry level candidates.


To put whole information of the individual together in an effective and in a summarized way is known as resume. UmResume is an online resume builder which helps you to put down all the relevant information in an effective manner click here to build resume. To select the best candidate from the available applicants is the primary task of an interviewer. As a fresher, the candidates experiences anxiety before the candidate attends an interview. So to avoid this anxiety get your resume prepared using . It becomes more interesting and unique if it gets prepared by professionals as they only prepare a resume by following particular procedures and guidelines.


Here are some of the points which should be taken care of while writing a resume for Internship is -

ü    Express your relevant Traits and Skills in the Career Objective while describing for the job you’ve selected. Focus on all the professional skills, work experience and you can also include awards and other volunteer or community experience.

ü    A well-written Education Section is Essential while writing the descriptions for the job you have selected. Listing quantifiable achievements in a numerical manner will help your resume to stand out.

ü    Target your Resume, highlight your achievements in academic level, and bring out all the educational accomplishments.  Select a resume style in such a manner that the readers can understand it easily and can reach to the decision easily.

ü    Use Concise Language in your resume so that the interviewer can understand your points easily and can easily understand your accomplishments.

ü    Highlight your personal and professional Goals and Objectives select an appropriate style of resume so that you can bring out your abilities and skills and interviewer can take the correct picture of your personality.

ü    Include References and Professional Portfolio don’t forget to include the experiences professional rewards in resume as it is going to add weight-age to your resume and it is really going to help you in your selection.

ü    Give a professional look to your resume as it is the first thing, which will address your personality, and it will enlighten to your future.


A good and well versed resume of the candidate opens many ways of earning and it provides the master degree so that the candidate can earn his life in a luxurious way as it opens many ways of earnings.


Prepare a good resume if you have an idea for a new venture, required resources such as manpower, capital and other important resources. Carry a profitable venture by joining hands with big companies and give a particular shape to your future. It involves itself in improving the workforce of the company as it selects its employees after going through many processes and it selects the active candidate for its company.