How to write a resume for a school teacher job ?

A good resume is always a must for a good job. Writing a good resume is not always a high-profile thing. In fact, many high-profile people get rejected due to their badly written resumes. A resume is something that involves all the experiences that a person has which matches the job requirements. It should not be confused with a curriculum vitae. You should always write a resume keeping in mind the audience and the job requirement as to who will read the resume and who will recruit you. Your audience probably will be shuffling through a number of resumes and you will always need to add something that will make your resume stand out from the rest of the people. Here also while you are writing a resume for the job of a school teacher, think of yourself as the person who will recruit the teacher.

There are a number of points, which you can include in your resume which will always catch the interest of the person who is recruiting the teachers so you should always keep those things in mind.



ü     SPELL CHECK:  If you are applying for a job as an English teacher, you should always know how to spell words properly. While writing the resume, take your time to proof – read it properly. This will give you a basic understanding of what are the spelling mistakes that you have made in your resume. Closely study each and every line read it loud and clear and if possible, ask a friend for a feedback.

ü    FORMATTING: Always make sure that your resume looks professional. a number of websites are present which offers free templates choose one amongst them which makes your resume sort simple and sweet, and not more than two pages.

ü    SIMPLE & STRAIGHTFORWARD: There may be many instances where the person who is hiring you may not speak native English. You can use bullet points to make it easier for them to read the resume and also your speech should be clear eloquent and easy to understand. All these things if mentioned properly will help to make your resume stand out amongst the rest of the resumes.



A resume of a school teacher should have clear points and should be easy to read. The following are some of the critical elements that you can include in your resume if you are applying a job for a school teacher:

ü Full Name

ü Address

ü Contact information

ü Date of birth

ü Nationality

ü Objective

ü Educational history

ü Relevant course work and certifications

ü Relevant work experience / Mention if you are a Fresher

ü Work experience (if any)

ü Volunteer experience

ü International experience (if any)

ü Awards and Merit certification

ü Hobbies and Interest


While writing a resume the objective is the most important thing. You can actually call it the jump of point of the resume. The objective is the first and primary thing that a recruiter will look for in a resume a good objective should always clearly state your goals, what you want to achieve and your interest in becoming a good teacher. Any type of unnecessary objective or irrational thinking will give a negative impact about you to the recruiter and can result in you not being selected. A good objective that you can in put in the resume of a teacher an example is given below for your reference:

“To teach middle school aged students where I can improve my skills, work upon my knowledge as a teacher and work hard together with students to achieve the desired goal.”

Your objective that you include in the resume should be clear, robust and should be specific to the type of subject that you want to teach. But always take proper care to be not too general or too specific. If you are going too specific, it can result in the employer to reject the application if the job doesn’t specifically fit your description.



It is very important to keep your resume short simple and organized so that the employers do not have to waste much time to look for that one perfect thing in your resume.

Below given is a commonly used layout that you can use while you are writing a resume for the job of a school teacher. This layout should particularly be just a page long but it must not exit two pages

ü Name and Details

ü Objective (specific to the job)

ü Education (make sure that you write the years whenever you have attended it)

ü Work experience (list both the month and year of joining and resigning from your job)

ü Other skills (job oriented)




  Although your resume will contain your academic and educational qualifications and experiences there can be a lot more experiences, circumstances and skills, which you have gained to become a school teacher. These listing of extra experiences and skills enhances your resume and helps to create a positive mindset for the recruiter. Following is the list of strengths, which you can include in your resume for applying for the position of a school teacher.


ü Experience with kids

ü Coaching

ü Teaching swimming, skiing, or any other area of interest

ü Management roles for proper training

ü Training in any particular area or subject



ü   What should not be in the resume?

Do not ever include any personal information beyond your address, email and phone number in your resume. Always make sure to leave out you age, date of birth, sex, sexual orientation, religion, spouse name and any other personal details as all these are basically not at all needed.

ü   What are the 4 types of resumes?

There are typically 4 major types of resumes. Depending on the job format and the type you are actually applying for, the different resume formats may apply. The four basic standard forms of resume are chronological, functional, combination and targeted forms of resume.

ü   What is the best form of resume?

Typically, it is said that the chronological form of the resume is the best form of the resume. This type of format actually focusses more on previous work history, so you can actually use the bulk of the page discussing your past duties and accomplishments. You can also mention your specific professional achievements.

ü   What is a good summary for a resume?

A good resume summary is a must to have the slightest edge over other potential candidates who have applied for the job. The summary can be written in one or two sentences and it should include some of your biggest achievements till date, your profession and one or two of your best skills. Also, to create a positive impact, your summary should be oriented towards the job that you are applying for.



A good resume is actually a must if you want to apply for a job. Without a proper resume and proper mentioning of your skills and achievements, things will not likely go well for you in the interview. You may consider writing your professional resume using, which includes things that are mentioned above. So, All the best to you for writing a good resume.