What all to write in Skills column of your resume ?

A good resume is the key to a good job. Having a good resume not only boosts your confidence but also helps you to get a good job and a good salary. You have to always keep your resume short simple and also include some good quality skills and information. When a company hires you, the company will look forward to the credentials and the skills that are mainly mentioned in the resume. This means that it is very relevant to write all the important skills in on your resume and these must be the skills that you should actually possess and not the hypothetical ones. Thus there are obviously a number of skills that you can write on your resume


A resume is a piece of documentation of a person that contains all the relevant information and all the skills that a person possesses. The skills must present their background and accomplishments. Resume’s are document that are mainly used or created by a person while applying for their jobs. It includes all our background skills accomplishments and every other skill that a person possesses. A resume can be used for a number of reasons but most importantly it is used for securing a new job. The main purpose of a resume is to provide the summary of all your experiences, skills, achievements, educational qualification and every other small details of our lives.

Resumes are typically very important and it is a must to let hiring companies to screen potential candidates and shortlist the interviews. Thus, a resume is a must have. Without it you can never expect a job.



There are a number of skills that you can include in a resume and you can easily add them but make sure you only add them if you possess it and they should not be hypothetical. Following are the list of soft skills that can be mentioned.

ü Problem Solving: There maybe a number of times when things can go wrong in a job and you need to come up with a precise solution to handle it. This is one of the main soft skills that you can include in your resume. The problem solving skill helps to essentially solve problems not only for the company but also for various clients.

ü Critical Thinking: Critical thinking is another soft skill that can be included in your resume. This type of skills helps a specific person to work through a problem and deduce all the basic steps that are needed to solve the problem. The critical thinkers always come up with new and different ideas that helps to work through a problem differently.

ü Flexibility: This is another soft skill that you can include in your resume. This is the skill that helps the employees to deal with every situation and also lets them adapt to every situation. The employees have a natural ability to use a number of natural methods to yield the best result.

ü Communication: Communication is one of the primary skills that a person should possess whether written or verbal good communication with Boss, fellow employees and clients is a must to yield good results.

ü Team Work: Team work is very important, most jobs require team work and if you fail in that, that will be the end of road for you. You need to succeed in a team environment whatever the atmosphere maybe.

ü Organization: Organization is not basically having a clean and neat desk but also organizing various tasks and projects for the co-workers, management and yourself. You need to mention this skill properly in the resume to show off your organization skill.

ü Creativity: A person must be able to think out of the box and find creative solutions to a number of problems. If you are good at thinking something in a way that has never happened before, creativity skill should be properly mentioned in the resume to have a high ground.

ü Responsibility: A good employee should be responsible enough to perform the duties and also should own up to the mistakes the person committed. Responsibility basically means that you need to ensure that every part of your job is being done properly.

Following are the list of hard skills that can be mentioned.

ü Computer Software & Application Knowledge: Most of the jobs require you to have basic computer skill and knowledge. This is very important while you are dealing with professions that requires use of computers and certain types of software.

ü Design: A person maybe interested to work in some sort of advertisement, branding, engineering that requires some sort of design skills. It may be different from graphic or web designing but it is very important.

ü Negotiation: Negotiation is particularly important when you want to improve your skill for a job. Many jobs require you to negotiate with clients or customers, and if you fail in that, that supposedly doesn’t look good. So, you can include it in the resume only when you are sure of this skill.

ü Mathematics: Mathematics is a skill that is required for a number of jobs. Be it engineering or finance or banking or IT, this skill is required and you should have the basic knowledge of mathematics as it is required in almost all the jobs.

ü Project Management: This is another skill that you can add if you are sure of it. Many jobs require project management skills to perform a task properly and complete the assignment in due time.

ü Marketing: Marketing is another hard skill that many companies look for. It can happen that you are not a marketing person, but you should have proper knowledge of all the products and services that your company provides.

ü Writing: This is one of the most basic hard skill, and you should always include it in your resume. Many jobs require writing and you should always have the basic knowledge of what to write and how to write.




ü Sort by relevance: You should always put your skills in proper relevant order. You always need to emphasize the experience and include it in the skills list first according to the relevance of the job. If you somehow lack the experience, you can search for existing positions for key skills that can be relevant.

ü Add a highlights section: Many resumes need to be value oriented. And this is why, you need to actually sort out all the best achievements and skills that you have and place it first. This makes the resume strong and worthy enough.

ü Categorize your skill: You should always learn to categorize your skill. If you have a job experience or you a manager of some company, you have a number of different skills that makes you different from the rest of the persons. And you should categorize it properly and write it accordingly.


Frequently Asked Questions

ü How do I write about my skill?

Always try to compare your skills with what the employers want. Try to assess the ability in each skill and ask yourself if you have got that or not. And then, write the skills on the resume.

ü How many skills should I list on the resume?

There are no numbers to as how many skills you should write on your resume. But that does not mean you need to mention each and every skill in your resume. Just mention those, which you are sure of and which is quite relevant to the job.

ü What are key skills?

Key skills refer to those skills that a person commonly has. These skills are required commonly in a range of activities such as education and training.



Writing down your skills in a resume is one of the most important things that should be done while building up a resume. Skills not only enhances the resume, but also helps you to get to a comfortable position while looking for a job. All the skills that you mention will either result in your qualification or disqualification for the job.