Why do you want to work here : 10 + Best way to answers

While attending an interview we try our best to impress our hiring manager and create a powerful impact on him. However, we do not realize the importance of framing our answers beautifully makes us stand apart from other candidates. Sometimes, hiring manager asks such question, which sounds so obvious that we end up giving simple answer to it.

So why do you want to work here? 9 out of 10 times, the interviewer asks this question. Though, an obvious question it is also a tricky one. Asking this, the interviewer is gauging if you are the suitable candidate for the job, will you be the right candidate for the organisation’s core value.

Now coming to the answer, here are the few answers which is a complete mistake to reply and which can create a blunder in you interview:  

·       Salary: I would like to earn more; I want to work here because you are offering more salary, better salary.

·    Better company: I like your company and its products; it is an improved company in comparison to where I am currently working.

·       I am capable of doing the things listed in the job description.

·       I saw the job ad and hence I am applying for it.

·       I was looking for a job and saw this job posted.

No matter how true you answers are, it will only create a negative impact. The interviewer already knows all this. However, these all answers are something that you should totally avoid. These answers will make the interviewer think that you are here only for paychecks, you are a hopper who keeps looking for better, and you will not be productive because you do not have any zest for learning, as you believe you got all qualities. So, what should be the answer to the question “why do you want to work here”? Here are the best answers to the question that creates a positive impact about you on the interviewer and helps you getting your dream job.

1.      Gauge your intentions: Why do you actually want to work with this company? What inspires you the most in the position, which the company is offering you?  Firstly, you probe yourself as why u really wants to work with them. This will help you being more confident while replying to the interviewer.


2.      Make a list of things you love about this job: Make a career goals list. Compare it with the job roles and look for different ways in which this job will help you to accomplish your goals. While answering to the interviewer mention how this position will help you to achieve your goals.


3.      Job description: Apart from your qualifications, the interviewer also wants to make sure, whether you understand the job role and it is responsibly. So be sure that you have studied the job description properly and all information and responsibilities that will come with the job.


4.      Study the company details: A thorough study about company’s profile so that you have proper knowledge about company. Explore company’s website. Read “About Us” for the details. You can get all information about company in “About Us” section. Read blogs, achievements and recent activities of the company. You can use them for the answer by quoting recent achievements and mention how it motivates you to work with the company .This will definitely put you an edge over the other candidates, as you shown interest in company’s profile before you joined the company. The employee always value a pre informed candidate over others.


5.      Reputation of the company: Always highlight the reputation of company while replying to the interviewer. Their value, their work culture, team work and mention how you get motivated to work under such reputed company. It is always nice to hear good things about your organisation. However, do not overdo it.   


6.      Achievements: Do not forget to collect all information about the achievements of the company you are applying. Mention how the achievements or awards won by company motivates you to work here than anywhere else.


7.      Key leaders of the organisation: Have proper idea about their roles, their achievements. Share how a XYZ leader inspires, how much you admire him how you look up to them and you want to work under their guidance. Show how much you want to work with the same values. However, this will add some extra brownie points in comparison with other candidates.


8.      Products / services: What products or service does the company offers? You should always be informative about the products or service employer deal in. If possible, try out any product or any service, which the company deals in. You can share your experience in the interview with positive feedback. This can be a leap to explain why you want to work with this company.


9.      Mission and vision: Every company has its mission and vision. You should be well aware the same. Mention about your mission and vision in life. Tell them how the company shares same goal. This way the employer will notice you as not only you did your homework but also you are excellent for the position as you uphold the values of company.


10.  Your skills: As an employee, you need to highlight your skills, which is required for the position. Always remember to match your skill or qualification with the required position. Highly over qualified candidates, also get rejected. Also, remember to speak more of soft skill rather than technical ones. Avoid talking about technical skills, as it is already mention in your resume. Your interviewer or employee does not want you to read it. Instead of talking about your achievements, describe your skills with some example as how you converted a query into a deal or how with your problem solving skill you satisfied an unhappy client, which led the company get a big project. An interesting story will let the manager talk more about your skill.


11.   Your achievements: As much as it is necessary to be informative about the company’s achievements, you should also highlight your achievements or awards won. An achiever and socially acclaimed candidate always hold better chances in comparison with other candidates.


12.   Keep yourself updated with latest trend: Do not use the outdated trends, whether it is your resume, application or working pattern. In today’s world where everything is going digital, you should also be are about the latest working pattern. You can always use this while demonstrating your professional skills.


13.   Mentoring and learning opportunities: mention how you look forward to share your knowledge and skills with the team. In addition, how you will get new opportunities to learn new skills, which you can use in professional as well as personal growth.


14.   Be yourself: Always try to show your true personality because however, the interviewer will understand when you will try to fake. Answer with honesty and confidence plays the utmost important role in getting you selected for the position you are applying


Mentioned above are the best answers from which you need to choose wisely your answer while attending any interview. As they say, “Same size does not fit all”, so customised a tailor made answer will lead you as a desirable candidate.             

[TIP]  Always remember to reply the interviewer with an example. Your answer should not be simple and boring it should be interesting as well as reflect your skill. You can either copy above-mentioned answers or create a customised answer according to the situation. For this, you should actively gauge with the hiring manager’s expression how he finds your answers.